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Helping leaders and their teams understand, mitigate, and prevent blind spots that inhibit leadership and damage relationships.

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In Greek Mythology, Achilles was known as a gifted and valiant warrior.

But his name is associated with something else entirely. Many top-tier executives run the same risk. Often hidden behind their exceptional abilities are underdeveloped areas —weak spots— that they may not see but others see quite clearly. These blind spots hold the potential to do to them what a heel did to Achilles.

Strengthen Your Teams

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Executive & Team Coaching

We help leaders and their teams identify and mitigate their blind spots which can severely hinder their success as leaders and as a team.

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Dream Initiative Program

The Dream Initiative Program (DIP) is a unique offering that allows companies to give back to their employees.

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Corporate Retreats

These weekends are uniquely crafted for the needs of your organization’s leadership team.

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Speaking Engagements

Our accomplished public speakers are available to speak to your organization on a variety of topics.

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Mitigate Your Blind Spots

A universal Achilles heel that every leader must address is the health of their team or teams. A dysfunctional team can severely damage the impact and influence of a leader. A healthy team with strong relationship intelligence that navigates conflict productively can be the best protection for a leader and help them identify and mitigate their blind spots.

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Exceptional Leaders

Are you open to exploring tough questions?

  • What is my Achilles Heel?
  • What negative elements of my leadership am I blind to that others may see so clearly?
  • Do I have the skills to overcome blind spots and prevent future ones from forming?
  • What if I’ve repeatedly tried to address my weak spots and failed? Then what?
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Achilles Consulting

Our goal is to help you:

  • Recognize – Identify and understand how your personal motivations, your triggers, and your leadership style impact those within your sphere of influence.
  • Minimize – Mitigate and manage issues that impede your ability to lead by learning new tools to overcome personal and professional obstacles.
  • Immunize – Prevent blind spots from becoming a problem in your life and, potentially, in the lives of others.
  • Capitalize - Build a productive team that has strong relationship intelligence which can help identify and prevent blind spots.

Utilizing Core Strengths & SDI 2.0

Achilles Consulting Group leverages the power of relationship intelligence through a tool called Core Strengths, used by multiple Fortune 500 companies to build solid, high-performing teams. Contact us for a free demonstration and to begin a conversation about how we can help you strengthen your teams.

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Achilles Consulting Staff

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Steve Roskamp

Steve Roskamp has a lengthy career as a change facilitator and transformation coach in a variety of settings. He has worked for nearly 3 decades as an outpatient counselor and organizational consultant while leading one of the largest outpatient counseling centers in his community. Read more...

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Jenny Hedrick

Jenny Hedrick received her Master’s of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University with a focus on interpersonal communication. She spent 15 years working as a therapist, mentor, and coach before taking a step back to raise a family. Jenny is well-versed in team dynamics and communication. Read more...


Tami Roskamp

Tami Roskamp has spent the majority of her career working in youth development and coaching, as a child-care provider, parent coach/educator, mentor, and director of mentoring and prevention education programs. Most recently she has been a Program Director for Partners. Read more...

Some of Our Victories

"Steve & Core Strengths transformed our team"

"Our leadership team had gotten to a place where difficult decisions were not being made because different personality traits were clashing when conflict would arise. This was hindering our ability ..." Read More

Eric Smith, Integrator, C3 Group

"Thoughtful, thorough, communicative, and helpful to our team."

"Steve and his staff at Achilles Consulting have been a breath of fresh air. I researched many executive coaches and Steve stood out as his background in Social Work is unique to the typical executive coach mix. He has been thoughtful, thorough, communicative…" Read More

- Chief Learning Officer at Code 4 Security Services.

"Steve is a fantastic trainer, teacher, speaker, and executive coach."

"I've worked with Steve in a variety of settings, both professionally and personally, over the past 8 years. His insights and ability to speak truth with compassion has been transformative for me…" Read More

- Dallen Campbell, VP of Strategy & Architecture, Uncommon Solutions

"His compassionate approach is encouraging."

"I have been privileged to have Steve come alongside me in my journey of healing and freedom. His compassionate yet no nonsense approach is encouraging while also having weight and purposeful direction. He gives grace…" Read More

- District Sales Manager, National Distribution Company

"Outstanding Experience!"

"Working with Jenny was an outstanding experience! She helped me navigate a challenging relationship with an underperforming employee and guided me towards identifying my own strengths and weaknesses as a supervisor..." Read More

Susan Fleming, Events Manager, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

"Cannot recommend working with Jenny enough."

"I cannot recommend working with Jenny enough. We started working together to focus on improving my public speaking skills, which I can happily say are much better. I no longer freeze on a stage in front of donors and stakeholders and can fully articulate..."Read more

Kelly Likes, MBA, CFRE, Vice President of Philanthropy, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

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